All academic partners have strong relationships with industry or private/public research centers focused on technology transfer. In fact, in MONROE, each partner is bringing a “dowry” of companies/research centers that agreed to be either Associated partners bringing in-kind contribution to the education program.

The Associated Partners belong to different areas of the full MONROE training chain and are geographically linked to one or more partners. This is very beneficial for the Master project, since the partners can bring different assets to the project implementation. Below is a brief description of the Associated Partners expertise:

  • ERICSSON Telecomunicazione SPA is co-located in Pisa with the SSSA/TeCIP institute. The current focus of the Lab is on Hardware for Photonics, especially Photonics for 5G systems. 
  • CNIT (Consiglio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni) is a private no-profit national research institution that runs, in Pisa (Italy), the National Laboratory for Photonic Networks and the Design Center of integrated circuits based on silicon photonics technology and manages the InPhoTec activities on packaging of integrated circuits. Some instructors of the Master are Senior Researcher of CNIT permanently affiliated to Scuola Sant’Anna.
  • Open Fiber SPA is a large Italian company that develops optical network infrastructure for fibre-to-the-home (FTTH).
  • Vector Photonics is a spin-out from the University of Glasgow who is developing a new class of semiconductor lasers based on Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers (PCSELs).
  • LeanNet is a Hungarian company whose main focus is the implementation of a smooth and fast transition into the Cloud Native Era. 

It is worth highlighting that this list only constitutes a preliminary group of partners that will be substantially expanded in the future. In fact, the partners have already discussed the involvement in the MONROE masters with several companies that include Ericsson Hungary (who has also provided an endorsement letter), ST Microelectronics (multinational electronics and semiconductor manufacturing), Telecom Italia (largest Italian telecommunications company, Fastweb (internet service provider), Seagate (mass data storage), Sievers Photonics (photonic semiconductor manufacturing), Kelvin Nanotechnology (nanofabrication technology developer).



This page was last modified on 4th April 2023