Master in phOtonic NetwoRking and clOud Engineering (MONROE)

Erasmus Mundus Design Measure

This Erasmus Mundus Design Measure (EMDM) intends to design the structure of a new Master’s initiative: the Master in phOtonic NetwoRking and clOud Engineering (MONROE), organized for delivery over 4 semesters (2 years).

The Master’s aims at training talented students to become capable of designing, developing and assessing innovative ideas through the drivers of future fixed and mobile networks and services.

Specifically, MONROE will train young telecommunication and electrical engineers in the advanced use of photonics and cloud computing for future networking (e.g., Data Center, 6G systems, etc.), as these are regarded as central elements in terms of sustainability and continuity from the perspective of Moore’s law regarding ICT and the steady improvement of telecommunication network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), while also reducing the carbon footprint and power consumption.

The main MONROE’s learning outcomes will comprise the co-design of the hardware system/network devices and relevant software components, their joint experimental assessment, and their adoption to support citizen-driven applications and vertical industries.

In this design phase, the Coordinating HEI Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA, Italy) will cooperate with University of Glasgow (UGLA, UK) and Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME, Hungary).