Deliverable D1 - Framework of policies for implementing joint programs in relation to MONROE objectives
This deliverable will contain a detailed analysis of the framework for the Master design phase and checklist of all the needed actions to be executed locally or jointly.

Deliverable 2 - Definition of learning outcomes, design of didactic plan of the Master and description of the life cycle of one edition
This deliverable will the learning outcomes and the links with the inclusivity targets. In addition, mobility paths, with full details of courses/seminar, thesis periods will be detailed including all processes and the timeline for the execution of each Master edition.

Deliverable 3 - Definition of the financial and administrative management of the Master
This deliverable will contain both the management structure of the Master, the financial approach for the Master management and all templates of relevant documents for running the Master (e.g. student agreement, consortium agreement, etc)  

Deliverable 4 - Plans for sustainability, dissemination, inclusion, and involvement of associated partners
This deliverable will contain the elaborated plans for the sustainability of the Master (including simulations), the dissemination plan of its achievement, the strategy for pursuing inclusion at all levels, and the full list of involved associated partners.

Deliverable 5 - Definition of strategy for Quality Assurance and program accreditation
This deliverable will contain the strategy and the procedures, jointly defined, for Quality Assurance and program accreditation.

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